The Alexa Project in Python

Alexa is a device, just like the google assistant, 
SIRI  that is voice recognized which is able to 
answer all questions which we ask sing a song  
tells a joke  helps in telling a route and all 
amazing activities. 

With just 15 lines of python code ,this feature can 
be enabled and we get an extra-ordinary output as 
a result, let’s further see  how this is done 


1. Installed and imported the python speech 
recognition package 

2. Installed and imported the python text to speech 

3. Some prompt variables, like voice, listener, rand ecognizer are declared for the making use of the audio signals 

4 . Meaningful commands are given for the Alexa 
to speak (Will be the output) 


Creating our own Alexa is more cost-effective and 
uuser-friendly( just requires some built-in packages 
and some internet connection - NO MONEY) 

This will make users feel very good in such a 
the ay that, they did not spend much using Alexa  
because fortunately, they built it!!! 

For this,  the idea used is “Jetbrains Pycharm“  
which is available for both educational and 
professional uses. 

Those required packages are 
available in toggle, we need to just type the 
name of the package, say for example, “python 
speech recognition“, click on the first website 
that you see and copy the package’s link to the 
clipboard and then, in the project file where you 
are working with, click on the terminal, and 
just paste the link, the package is installed 
immediately and then you can import it. 

These installed packages are imported in the 
coding for a better “audio” output, we can change 
it accordingly as our wish to keep it as a male or 
a female voice. 

Imagine getting an expensive product in your 
hand, but you pay nothing!!!! , JUST AWESOME 


The respective packages are imported. 

A variable is created that is interpreted as a 

In case of a microphone or some other audio 
troubles, we have the code inside a “try” block, 
as it may work or may not. 

Inside this try block, all the source commands are 

A voice variable is declared that will respond 

The required meaningful commands are printed.  
Of course, there is an except block, but nothing is 
done inside it, so just a “pass” statement is given. 


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