Yeh Hai #Mandi A Realistic Series On LGBTQI Community

The entire Team of web-show ‘Yeh Hai #Mandi’  hosted a press conference at The Lalit Mumbai.


The show chronicles a girl's struggling journey, who is in search of an answer about inner conflicts, sexual orientation, and confusion about life and what it has to offer. Actress Pallavi Mukherjee plays the role of the struggling girl. 


The series also features stellar performer and debutant Ivanka Das the first Indian Transgeneger to feature on Vogue cover. Actor Trishan Singh Maini, who has done extensive work in movies, also plays a pivotal role in this realistic and intriguing series.


Akshay Mishra who is an actor and also the producer of the show shared his experience that how he knew Ivanka from her theatre days and the moment he heard the role of Kareena,  (Played by Ivanka) he was sure that it is just tailor-made for her and on top of that  Ivanka even fell in love with the character and she chose this as the debut role for her.


Talking about her journey Ivanka Das said, “Keshav Suri is responsible for bringing out her true self through the Keshav Suri Foundation which has done a lot for people from the LGBTQI community. So I would like to thank the foundation for helping me achieve my dreams and of course Akshy for getting me this offer.” 


Rakesh Bhosle said, “There is more to the series than just boldness. It is the first show in any Indian platform where the story talks about LGBTQI in a very positive and happy zone. There is no demarcation about the so-called Regular Gender or Them. All are same” 


The proprietor of Mighty Grace Media, Mohini Shabade said the show also talks all about Women Empowerment from Pallavi Mukherjee’s character.


‘Ye Hai #Mandi’ is produced by Ashu Dhaliwal, Akshay Mishra, and Mohini Shabade under the banner of Mighty Grace Media and directed by Abhay Nihalani. The trailer for the series is out and the show will stream from 25th December on Prime Flix app

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