Who is the India's Most wanted


The story for the hunt of the most wanted Indian terrorist is ready to hit the big screens on this Friday (24th May’19). The movie “India’s Most Wanted” is an action thriller film directed by Raj Kumar Gupta and starring Arjun Kapoor. The movie’s trailer is a bang on hint for showcasing the efforts done by Indian secret forces to find one the most wanted Indian terrorists of time. The story is centric to the arrest of an alleged bomb maker and terrorist that grew from a quiet shy boy to be famously known as India’s “Osama Bin Laden”.


Abdul Suhan Qureshi is the name of Indian Bin Laden. Qureshi, a decent, quiet and innocent boy at Christian Missionary School at Byculla, Mumbai was heading his career in IT. After completing his education in 1995, he started working as a customer support engineer at a company in Fort, Mumbai. He had technological knowledge, and even passed the Microsoft Certified Software Engineering (MCSC) while pursuing Industrial Electronics from Bhartiya Vidyapeeth, Mumbai and hardware networking course. So, when everything was going on a sound track then what made his roots strengthen in terrorism?


It was SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India)! Here he transformed into a highly radicalized youth, totally brain washed for channelizing the youth stormed energy into jihad. After ban over SIMI in September 2001 he shifted his radical base to Bijapur, Karnataka. He operated his radical set ups from Bijapur and often travelled to Bhatkal. At that time, Bhatkal brothers, both Riyaz Bhatkal and Iqbal Bhatkal were the central figures perpetuating the verve of terrorism in India. Qureshi became a part of them and then leaded to be the co-founder of Indian Mujahideen (IM). Qureshi managed to create a sustainable balance between revived SIMI in Karnataka and newly founded IM. His radicalism was so firm that on July 11, 2006 he became the man behind the executed serial blasts in local trains in Mumbai. Then he began to intrude his self into 20 blasts that rugged Gujurat’s main city Ahmedabad on July 26, 2008. He was even suspected of Alam Jeb Afridi who had planted the low-intensity bomb in Church Street, Bengaluru on December 28, 2014. SIMI and IM continued to carpet their terrorism and jihad ideologies across India through organizing physical and psychological training camps for cadres wishing to fall into the circle of jihad.


The India’s Osama Bin Laden aka Abdul Suhan Qureshi got into the radar of Indian Special Forces and Intelligence Bureau in 2018 after a long run battle of 10 years. He was held from Delhi’s Ghazipur on 22nd Jan 2018 by the Delhi Police Special Force. The manhunt for the accused is not less than surgical strike without guns that led Indian Osama Bin Laden dragged behind bars. The heroism and ferocious struggle of Indian Special Force and Delhi Police is what you all need to know on the big screens featuring “India’s Most Wanted” on 24th May’19. The movie seems not just a mere work of action filled drama or thriller. It is beyond that which highlights strength in Indian Special Forces and Police that aims to make India out of reach of such radicalism and the ideology of so called “Jihad”. Get yourself packed to watch out the high raised courage to catch Bin Laden of India in your nearest cinemas.

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