Star Studded Music Launch Of film ‘Amar Kahani Ravidas Ji Ki’ | Official Trailer

The trailer and music of PNG Entertainment’s next, ‘Amar Kahani Ravidas Ji Ki’ are out. The film is based on the teachings and life of Saint Ravi Das Ji. The film is written and directed by Arvind Singh Sirohi and bankrolled by Geeta Popli and Parmanand Popli.


Talking about his project, at the trailer launch on Tuesday in Mumbai, producer Parmanand Popli said, “As a producer, it was a very interesting challenge for me. When I thought of making this film, my team did lots of research on Shri Sant Ravidas Ji. Through the film, I have tried to convey a message that people should not conflict with caste. Sant Ravidasji is for everyone. His preachings have taught brotherhood and not hatred."


The film stars an incredible ensemble of Sandeep Mohan, Hemant Pandey, Gulshan Pandey, Bhawana Arora, Aditya Sharma, Akshat Bhatnagar, Swami Sharad Puri, Swati Pahwa, Mirnal Saraswat, Greeva Kansara and Rajesh Jugram. Talking about his forthcoming project and the Saint it is based upon, Sandeep said, “The message of Ravi Das Ji was simple. To keep your heart pious, treat people as people and do not discriminate. Issues could be sorted out with higher understanding, and this is the message he gave and we are trying to take it forward with our film”.


'Amar Kahani Ravidas Ji Ki' is a film inspired by the life of the great saint Ravidas. He was opposed to discrimination of any kind and believed in the unity of mankind. The film depicts the struggle of Ravidas against the class system of that time and his immense devotion to Ganga Ji above all. The music is composed by Red Ribbon. The film is slated for 7th Feb 2020.



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