Beach on Fire

Beach on Fire

By - Shruti Gupta


Beauty stands out in every look. The real beauty needs no shout-out. One such beauty is the Yeh Meri Life Hai featured actress Shama Sikander. Recently being active as a Fashion model is putting the beach water on the fire by her style and looks. Sharing her mesmerizing beach look through her social account is inspiring all the ladies for a blast. 


Her looks have included all style of beachwear ranging from swimsuits, long tops, bikini, and even dresses. Even colors are all suiting her looks starting from neons, florals, golds, bronze, red, black, white and all. Every look she showcases has great magic in it that takes away the love of all her viewers. 


 Her looks are well explained and showcased through her social media accounts. Been working as an Indian actress since 1998, she has made her way through the industry. Her talent in acting is also witnessed in her movie Mann starring Aamir Khan. She has another skill which is easily guessed by all because of her great sense of Fashion. She has her own design company named Saisha launched in 2010. She is currently the heat booster on social media. 

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