Meditation and Its Benefits

Meditation is an experience of the limitless nature of the mind when it ceases to be dominated by its usual mental chatter. Meditation means connecting yourself with the inner world within. When we close our eyes to concentrate on an imaginary point, the process connects us with the other part of the world which lies within us. There are different benefits of practicing meditation, and meditation should be a part of our lifestyle and routine.


No matter how hectic the day lies ahead, meditation improves the efficiency to do any task. It improves concentration, brings calmness, and makes mind thoughtful for positive ideas. It also develops a sense of positivity to our attitude towards Life. It is the habit of some people to get easily distracted by even the slightest intrusion, meditation helps to keep the body and mind focused at one place or a certain activity. When a person meditates, there comes a point when he/ she can feel every detail of his/her body, the blood gushing through the veins, the breath count, muscles relaxing, etc.


Meditation is done by sitting upright with a straight backbone in a quiet place. When the body is still, you are simultaneously training your mind to be still and relax. One cannot relax the body when the mind is jumping from one thought to the other. While meditating, it is likely that one wears loose clothes, choose a quiet and peaceful environment to sit and posture should be kept upright. When the person closes his eyes, he should focus on an imaginary point. One can also start by focusing on the breath count. Breathing deeply and slowly releases stress and clears the mind. Try to relax your muscles, body, and mind, even if thoughts drift across your mind let them pass and again concentrate. Let your body and mind relax in the process for at least 20-30 minutes per day and see the difference after a month.





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