Oakley is not always the real deal, but how to identify it?


Fake Oakley are all over the world, you can see it from the black markets, shops in metro stations in Shanghai, to street stalls in Mazatlán, to car trunks on Canal Street.


1. See the price Anything brand new, straight out of the box is not going to get at $50.00, and that’s if they’re used, old, and probably a little worse for the wear. Without considering model the price of authentic Oakley costs at least in the $80-$100+ range.


2. Look at the color The simplest way is to see the paint which often chips, scratches, or flakes easily. By this Oakley can be identified easily.


3. Beware of an “o” With limited editions such as the Tour de France, MLB, or Ferrari models, there are some Oakley lenses that will have something other than “Polarized” or “Prizm” etched into the lens. You can also get some custom etching from Oakley. Some shield lenses, like lenses for the M Frames will have “Oakley” etched into the top of the lens, above the nose bridge. • Oakley doesn’t put the icon rather than it markings will be etched. If you see paint on the lens, then understand it’s not a real deal. • Keep in mind that, authentic Oakley prescription lenses may have the Oakley "O" and Ballistic and Industrial lenses will also have it etched into the lens.


4. Fake SKU The SKU is a sequence of 2 numbers, a dash, 3 numbers in older Oakley and the example of it is 03-609 which is for the pair of Half Jackets. The recent Oakley start with a double “O”—the letter, 4 numbers, a dash, and then 2 more numbers. An example of this is SKU OO9143-03. There are some exceptions, like a “J” is included at the end in some Asian Fit models. To identify the fraud SKU you can simply plug your SKU into a search engine and see what pops up. If you see a SKU with random letters, or a longer string of numbers than what’s been identified above, they may be counterfeits. It’s a good idea to plug your SKU into a search engine and see what pops up.


5. Don’t forget to check logo and it’s placement The logo is mostly seen on nose bridge of Oakleys. But in the fake Oakley the logo doesn’t match as in the real one. Like in the Holbrooks and Frogskins the logo is found on other place than nose bridge.


6. Check frame material There are some sunglass for example, the Jupiter line has Jupiter Carbon, which are metal, and Jupiter Squared, which are plastic which comes in multiple frames. The shape of each of these frames is identical. But there are also some styles that only come in one material. The easy way to find a 100% fake Oakley is if a pair of metal Oil Rigs.


7. See the finishing Counterfeit Oakley and the plastic frames have the imperfect finishing. You don’t have to do anything just simply run finger along it. If finishing is feeling much then you get to know that it’s fake one.


8. Run from tacky sticker Adhesive sticker that will leave residue when it’s pulled off are the tacky one. This is only seen in fake Oakley.


9. It’s not made by Oakley, it’s made in USA The real Oakley is not seen as or painted as made by Oakley. The real one “Made in USA” stamp used in real one.

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