How Does Expectations Kills?

Do you at times feel sad and cannot figure out the exact reason? There are times when one expects something very unreal or something which is very less likely to happen. When our expectations fail, it often leads to sadness. The sense of expectation also comes with a feeling of attachment or solicitude, we are more likely to expect something from someone who is close to us. We don't expect things from an anonymous person. We look upon people who are either our family, friend, a loved one, or someone close to us. Too many expectations can turn things around and it's likely that we unknowingly start to control someone else's life. This shuts down the mind's ability to rationalize things and also one expectation leads to the other.


For eg. When a child performs badly in his exams, his father we expects him to be better at it in the next examination. When the same kid does so and succeeds to make up to his father's expectations, the father again starts expecting even better marks maybe because other kids are performing well than his kid. But eventually, there comes a point where his expectations fail, and with that comes the feeling of anger and disappointment. It is important at this particular stage to pause and extenuate the parameters of our expectations because there might be different reasons for it. Whether the child can do it or not? Is there something bothering him? Is the father being too hard on him?


It is important to understand that expectations can go far and has no limits. Suicide and depression are the consequences of too many expectations from anything. Everything goes exceedingly well in one's life, suddenly he fails at whatever he does. He might be a person who has been a rank holder in his school but fails at getting through the AIEEE examination. This is where his expectations snap out and reality comes in. We need to learn to cope up with every situation in life and also mitigate false expectations. It's important to understand that destiny has its own role play and life has plans for each one of us. Let things come as a surprise, welcome both- the good ones as well as the bad ones. Learn to live within reality because expectations have no ends.





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