Competition Begins

Competition Begins

By - Shruti Gupta

It starts when children are young: the moment a child is born, relatives start comparing siblings’ skin color. It starts in your own family – but people don’t want to talk about it openly. Getting compared on the very first day of your life is like a nightmare but who knew that it was the beginning because, after that, the little baby had to go through it every day.


Nowadays whether a boy or a girl putting on make up is like a routine for all. Looking like one of those models is what beauty is in today’s time. Using phrases like “Black is love” all over the social media but trying so hard to hide the black mole on the skin, using lots and lots of makeup without considering the side effects it could have on our body. Even if we follow up with the no-makeup style yet we put some on and say it out as “it’s just the basics”. Well, what is needed and what is not, it all depends on us because if it is good, its beneficial to us and if it’s bad, it’s worst for us.


The exposure to all these thoughts starts with our childhood, no matter what the family status is, no matter what the age is, you have to look good, to get good, to be good, to live good. Let’s clear this mirage out today and let’s be ourselves because all that matters is our happiness and joy without hurting anyone not even ourselves.

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