Age- old mantra to retain beauty of body and mind

Have you ever wondered ‘Why our ancestors have had such a long, healthy life’? How come they were so fit? What are we missing on? Well, let me tell you honestly; we’re missing on a lot! The food we eat, the kind of environment we reside in, our habits, our lifestyle all contributes to degrade our health. True, we can’t change everything but surely we can alter bad habits and replace them with good ones, avoid munching junk food and grab on some fresh fruits and veggies, incorporate yoga and other forms of physical activities in our routine. Now, a question might have popped up; which one should we consider – gym or yoga asana? Let me make it clear, each one has its own benefits. But I would prefer yoga asana rather than gym. You may be thinking, why am I preferring yoga asana? Here’s an answer. Yoga asana brings harmony in mind, body and soul.


It soothes our body; whereas, gym focuses on getting our body in shape. A gym workout may leave you feel exhausted and tired but practicing yoga asana may instantly boost energy. You’ll feel rejuvenated. Yoga asana will ease my aches and pains; whereas, gym workout may cause strain which may lead to injuries and soreness. You can practice yoga asana anywhere without any equipment. Satisfied? If yes, cheers! Once you’ve decided to go with yoga asana, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a long list of asanas. But yeah, don’t panic! I’ve made it easier for you. After a long research and reading heaps of articles and books, I’ve jotted down some asanas which you can practice everyday as per your convenience. So, take a look at it and do it yourself. Naukasana – This asana is beneficial to strengthen and regulates the functions of lungs, liver and pancreas. It helps in increasing blood circulation and maintain the sugar level. Good for reducing belly fat and developing six pack ABS. 3-4 repetitions daily are enough. Do not overdo.


Ardha matsyendrasan – This asana is basically the stretching of entire spinal cord. It’s effective in strengthening the spine bringing flexibility. It cures constipation and indigestion and supplies oxygen to the lungs. It cures back problems and beneficial especially for slipped disc patient. It is helpful in treatment of diabetes, cervical spondylitis and urinary tract disorder. 2 repetitions daily are enough. Do the twisting from both sides. Dandasana – This super easy pose works miracles! It strengthens your chest, back muscles, spine, abdomen and shoulders. It improves posture, calms your mind and increases focus and concentration. You can repeat according to your preference but remember don’t overdo. Bhujangasana – This pose is a member of the Surya Namaskar family. This pose reduces back pain. It tones the legs, shoulders, gluteal muscles providing you a robust body and perky bottom. It eases asthma and nourishes the brain. This pose effectively works on every aspect of the body and provides satisfactory results.


Surya Namaskar – It consists of 9 asanas together form 1 set of Surya Namaskar. It comes packed with lot of health benefits. It promotes weight loss, improves blood circulation, tones muscles and improves flexibility. Brings a healthy glow to your face. It helps in reducing mood swings and brings more emotional stability. Trikonasana – It’s also called as triangle pose. It stimulates and improves the function of blood through entire body. It provides flexibility to groins, hamstrings and hips. It stimulates the function of the kidney. This asana improves balance and concentration. 3-5 repetitions are enough from both sides. Cheers! We’re done. Are you ready to incorporate this asanas into your routine? If yes, pat your back. REMEMBER- Always consult your doctor before practicing this asanas, if you suffer from any health issues. Here’s a bonus tip for you: always start and end your yoga asanas with breathing exercises because it brings harmony in your mind, body and soul making you feel relaxed, stress-free and helps you to focus on your work.



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