Belief and Magic

It's all a matter of belief, some belief in god, some might believe in ghosts, others might believe in something according to their acceptance of thoughts. Belief works as possession over our minds. Our mind becomes encapsulated by our own vivid thoughts and the subject of our belief. In Hinduism, people believe that gods exist and every existence on this planet is because of the deity. Though there is no scientific clue for the presence of God, people associate different beliefs and practices with it. Hindus believe in the doctrines of samsara (the continuous cycle of life, death, and reincarnation) and karma (the universal law of cause and effect), all associated with Hindu dharma.


People believe that whatever happens is a cast a spell of god. So even during disasters people fold their hands and pray to God for protection. It's all a belief. Whatever we tend to believe in, becomes the pillars of our life. I believe in magic, not the ones in which one can fly sitting on a broomstick or something. I firmly believe that it's "thoughts" which directs the movement of our lives. I call it magic because, whatever we strongly wish for, has to come true, maybe a bit late but it's our thoughts, the only magic wand, which makes our wishes come true. Magic doesn't happen in a matter of seconds, it does not come true for any random thought or casual wish. It comes true but for something, we strongly wish to foster.


My idea of magic isn't bounded with some cast spell of any mystical power, it is long directed path towards it. It's said that it's all written so if I call it magic it's because intense belief in your power of thoughts and one can make any wish come true. One directed push to our abilities and it can change our whole lives. It all starts with believing in the magic of our abilities and thoughts.




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