Top 10 World's richest people

Top 10 World's richest people       


1) JEFF BEZOS - CEO and Amazon Founder with a net worth $124 billion.

2) BERNARD ARNAULT - Cheif Executive of  LVMH known for world's largest luxury-goods company with a net worth $108 billion.

3) BILL GATES- Founder of Microsoft Corporation with a net worth  $107 billion.

4) WARREN BUFFET -  Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of Berkshire Hathaway with a net worth  $81.9 billion.

5) MARK ZUCKERBERG -  Cheif Executive Officer of Facebook with a net worth $78.7 billion.

6) AMANCIO ORTEGA - Spanish businessman, Founder and Chairman of Inditex fashion group with a net worth $66.2 billion.

7) LARRY ELLISON -Founder and Cheif technology officer of Oracle Corporation with a net worth $61.3 billion.

8) CARLOS SLIM - An engineer, investor, and philanthropist with a net worth $57.2 billion.

9) FRANCOISE BETTENCOURT-MEYERS - French author whose family owns the company L'Oreal with a net worth $56.4 billion.

10) LARRY PAGE - Cheif Executive Officer of Alphabet Inc with a net worth $56.3 billion.

11) MUKESH AMBANI - Indian Businessman, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Ltd(RIL) among Indians ranked 14 all over the world with a Net worth of $51.3 billion.

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