Value Of True Friendship

Sow the seeds of friendship because cultivating friendship brings a harvest of happiness. But he must have the basis of faith and the seed of love. A true friend is one who understands the pain and knows what true friendship is like. Because true friendship is a must. behind your happiness, the love behind your anger, and the reason for your silence. He should also dare to shed tears in his eyes, trouble on the face, disappointment in heart, pain in his life, and bad lines of his hands. He cannot take our pain on himself but by encouraging us in times of trouble, motivating us to fight and win to fight the pain, his presence strengthens us even more. So Socrates said, 'Make friends slowly, but when you do, strengthen them every day.' To be a good friend, you must first be a good friend.


It is the most loving relationship in the world, which is based on trust and not on blood. It is a precious relationship that has nothing to do with birth or marriage, but with sacrifice and honesty. We get every relationship from birth, some relationships are formed even before birth. But friendship is a relationship that he chooses, in which there is no place for color, caste, creed, or wealth. That is why a book is said to be the key to knowledge but a true friend is a complete library. The deeper this relationship is, the stronger its foundation will be. It is a precious treasure that always helps us in times of trouble. Abraham Lincoln rightly said, "If friendship is your weakness, then you are the strongest man in the world."


Facebook, WhatsApp, and Net have made this world even more special. Today's younger generation is connecting with old friends, especially through social networking sites. Still, one needs to be wary of friends who are out of ignorance, as some selfish friends build walls of enmity instead of building bridges in life. Friendships based on greed and selfishness do not last long. With the advent of modern technology, many people try to straighten their owls by befriending gullible people for their selfish ends and change their ways after using them. That is why you should not rush into making friends. Friends should always be made thoughtfully.


The scope of friendship is very wide, so he has a God-like status. Father and son, mother, daughters, brothers, and sisters can also try to be good friends. A true friend is happy to see us moving forward because it is a heart-to-heart relationship. It requires trust, respect, tolerance, love, sweetness, sacrifice, and devotion to each other. Therefore everyone needs a true friend who can stand with him in every difficult turn of life.


We should always keep in touch with each other so that the bond of this relationship is never loose. Sweet language, humility, trust, sacrifice, etc. are especially necessary to maintain its dignity. On the basis of these qualities, friendship can be kept throughout life and beyond. So keep in mind that over time, relationships often change, but true friendships do not change, but they strengthen. So we should always contribute to enjoy friendship.


American author Dol Carnegie has written several books on friendship. In one book, he wrote: 'Take all my possessions and give me a true friend.' Eating together, having fun together is not the name of friendship, but sincere love when one friend loves another when one is in pain the other is in pain. If one is happy then the other enjoy it then it is called true friendship





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