Avoid Few Mistakes On Your Face!!


1. Make Sure Your Hands Are Clean People usually tend to skip this step. Dirty hands mean washing your face with dirty hands. One of the most important and necessary steps is to wash your hands with anti-bacterial hand wash before you wash your face.


2. Using Soap For Washing Face The most common mistake people make while washing their face is by using soap for washing. But these harsh soaps strip the natural hydration from the skin and make the skin dry and flaky.


3. Exfoliating Daily Exfoliating face is necessary to keep the skin glowing. But doing it daily with cleansers, scrubs, and manual exfoliators makes skin dull. Dermatologists suggest using a cotton washcloth for exfoliating and doing it once a week is enough to keep skin healthy and glowing.


4. Washing More Than Necessity Ideally, we should wash our face twice a day -once in the morning and once at night. Washing the face after every hour unnecessarily to remove germs will lead to dry, irritated skin and can lead to the skin producing too much oil.


5. Refuse makeup remover In an effort to simplify your evening skincare routine, you may be washing off the makeup and dust of a large city with one cleanser or just water. However, by doing so, not only do you save a couple of minutes but you also leave cosmetic particles on your face and that can lead to the clogging of the pores, acne, and an increase in the oil content of the skin. That’s why before washing your face, it’s better to use a makeup remover such as micellar water, cleansing oil, or cleansing balm. They are not useless bottles invented to empty your wallet — they’re necessary products if you want the best for your skin. 


6. Changing your cosmetics very soon It is not easy to resist the purchase of another face cream or serum when magazines keep showing us endless compilations of the best beauty products of the season, while cosmetic stores keep announcing discounts and sales. However, it’s still worth doing your best to resist it, especially if you already have several items at home that suit you completely. Perhaps, you are afraid that your skin could adjust to the old cosmetics and that’s why you keep changing cosmetic items in order to get a better effect? It’s all in vain because your skin doesn’t adjust to skincare products, while a newly bought cream can become the reason for an allergic reaction.




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