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Tik-Tok, a video making and sharing app made in China by a Beijing based company-ByteDance were founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It was initially made so that people can share their videos through lip-syncing, comedy, dance, and other talents. It was in 2017 when Tik-Tok became available outside China. Shortly it became one of the most famous apps in the world and it gained high acceptance among the Indian public. Tik-Tok can be easily downloaded from google play store or Apple app store and thus it became a part of almost every Indian family and thus made youngsters Tik-Tok stars by just sitting t their homes. Therefore, in the craze of being famous and liked by masses, this app changed their lives. But the big question is that if this app is really a great platform for showcasing talent then why the number of deaths is exceeding with every passing day?



This is because this app generated the thirst for becoming famous. For the purpose of becoming famous and getting maximum likes and comments on their videos, the youngsters are trying to shoot some unusual videos and some at dangerous places also. In such acts of filming Tik-Tok videos, the users are often landed worst in either losing their life or getting severely injured. According to the recent data from the “TikTok Death Tracker” website, there have been 48 deaths and 23 injuries since October 19, 2018. The most common TikTok videos that led to death or severe injuries, included the ones with stunts, weapons, challenges, vehicles, and suicides. Tik-Tok has been proved to be a bane for India because India is the country where the highest number of casualties happened because of it. Recently, an 18-year-old boy from Noida committed suicide over a depression in not getting enough likes on Tik-Tok.



The young boy allegedly hung himself to death from a ceiling fan in his house.  Similarly, there has been a number of cases where users have committed suicide over not getting likes or comments. But more than that, there are cases of deaths and accidental mishappenings that took users’ life while performing stunts or filming videos at dangerous places or with dangerous objects. On March 11, 2020, a newly married man got away with his life under a tractor while performing a stunt in hopes to gain fame on the app.  Another dangerous element over this app is the threat of pornography. Many such videos have come up where illegal and disturbing videos have been uploaded that are related to pornography.



In India, the first death related to Tik-Tok was reported in Chennai where a young male committed suicide from a vehicle due to being bullied for dressing up as a woman in his Tik-Tok videos. Thus, cyberbullying through comments sections has also been projected as a great threat and has often led to self-harm. Thus, the ban over such an app must be reconsidered in India because it is no longer an entertaining app now, it has become home to pornography, illegal content, blasphemy, dangerous activities and a way to lose a life.





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