How is LEARNING and ACCEPTANCE Co-related?

From the very day we are born, we learn a lot of things, in the process of growing up. When we are young, our learning and understanding things are confined to just what is taught to us, but as we grow older, teaching and our personal thoughts or judgments may contradict sometimes. In the journey of life, everyone has their own share of experiences, we meet new people and be friends with some of them, go through things and learn a lot. But it is important to understand that the friends we have, experiences and books we read, have a direct effect on our way of looking at things or understanding life. These are the major factors that determine our personality when we grow older. In the process of growing up, life throws a lot of things at us.


We learn to dodge some of them otherwise face others and come out with flying colors. Life is never a cakewalk for anyone, even the richest have debts and the smartest fails in life. Learning must go with the acceptance of not being versatile. What I mean to say here is not everyone needs to know everything. No one can be perfect. One person may have an idea about the tallest mountain on this planet and others might not. We must learn to accept the process of learning, and not always force things on ourselves. When we start to compete with others, we lose the virtue of understanding our own capacity and capabilities. When we experience something new it has imprinted on our minds, but to what extent, it is solely dependent on the content of information, our interest in it, and our capacity of taking things.


Moreover, it is obvious that practical learning is much more effective as well as important than theoretical learning. One person's point of view on a particular subject might be different than the other. Because there lies the difference between experiences and perceiving things. For instance even 6 looks 9 to the person who views it from a different side. No one is absolutely correct with their judgments and theories. The process of learning takes a lot of acceptance of other's points of view and looking into things in a wider picture. So in the process never shut out experiences or other person's stories. The more we received from the other end, we grow up learning to embrace things more beautifully.





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