The Sky Is Not The Limit

It is very fascinating to see birds flying in the sky. Then one wishes to have wings and to take off into the deep, blue limitless sky. This dream may come true if one learns flying an airplane. It means a career in civil or air force aviation. Such a career is full of challenges, opportunities and adequate rewards. To be a civil pilot involves much more than mere aviation skills and abilities. Besides aptitude and training, one has to be very alert, brave, dashing, and prompt in faking the right decisions at the right moments. Decisions have to be taken instantly in slot second and a slight error may cause huge loss both of man and material. A pilot has to be thoroughly familiar with his aircraft, it's flying, the rules and regulations of air and space.


In order to have wings and take off as a pilot, a commercial pilot's license is a must. It does not require high qualification to be a pilot. Higher secondary pass with science is sufficient. An aspirational to pursue this course must possess required physical fitness and frame of mind. The training is very rigorous, expensive, and risky. One should be ready to face the risks and challenges and overcome them successfully. A person desiring to pursue a career as a pilot should be ready for a very tough job, hard duty irregular hours, and separation from family. There cannot be gains without pains. Here pains and gains both are heavy.





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