Father and The Son a True Motivational Story


Once, a sculptor lived in a village. He used to make a very beautiful idol. And he used to earn well from it. He had a son. That child started sculpting from childhood. The son also used to make a very good idol. The was also happy with this. But each time he found some of the other deficiencies in the idols of the son. He always said that "Has done very well but do more good next time. "The son also does not have any complaints. By obeying the Father, he tried to make an idol even better. He always obeyed the father. Due to this continuous improvement, the idols of the son started becoming very good even from the father. Such time has also come, people left the father's idol and started buying the son's idol.


People bought the idol of the son at a great price. But when people bought father's idols, they bought them at a very low price. But in the idols of a son, father always found some deficiency. But the son did not like all this now. Even then son always listens to his father and tried to improve the idols. There was a time came when his son lost patience. Now when the father tried to find a deficiency in the son's idols, then he said, "You are saying as if you are a very big sculptor. Then why do your idols sell for such a low price? I don't think I need to take advice with you. My idols are perfect." The father listened to that son. After that, he left to find a deficiency in the son's idols. The boy was happy for a few months. But then he saw that now people do not appreciate his idol so much.


And now the prices of those idols also started coming down. At first, he could not understand anything. But then he went to his father and told everything. Father listen to the son very well as if he already knew all that. The son also notice that and said, "Did you already know all this?" Father said, "Yes. Because I too had gone through this situation before." The son said, "Then why didn't you explain?" Father answered, "Because you didn't want to understand. I know that I cannot make a good idol like you. Whatever maybe my advice is wrong. And it is not that your idol has become better because of my advice.


But when I used to show a deficiency in your idols. Then you were not happy with your idols. And you used to try to better yourself. And just trying to get better was your success. But when you are satisfied with your work and thought that there is no need to get better than this then your growth stopped. But people always still hope for your better. That's why people started buying your idols at a lower price." Son thought for a while and asked, "Then what should I do? "Father answered, "Learn to be unsatisfied. This thing will take your life bright. Go and try to do better. God bless you."




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