The Brilliance Of Chess

The Brilliance Of Chess

You must have heard of this board game called Chess. Are you one of them who believes that it is just another board game like Ludo and Snakes and Ladders? If that is the case then you are about to be proven wrong.

Chess is something which you experience every day. Chess represents our life. Chess can teach you actual life lessons. Chess is tactical, intriguing, and fascinating.

Chess is a board game in whi... well that doesn't sound right, does it? Chess is NOT a game. It is anything but a game. Chess is an intellectual war between two opponents on an 8x8 grid battlefield called the chessboard. The chess pieces areas if it were an actual war. Rooks represent elephants, Bishops represent camels, Queen and King and we have Knight as the horse and the soldiers called pawns. 

There are two players black and white. They play against each other using their mind and nothing else. Unlike other board games, the luck factor for winning is negligible. This makes the game even more compelling and challenging. There is no dice, to begin with, so you don't have to play by luck, only by your wits. The game starts off with both the opponents getting equal pieces in a symmetrical position. White starts first and it goes on with players moving their pieces alternatively until the game ends. The game can end either as win-loss or a draw.

Still, you don't think it is intriguing enough? Let me tell you one thing. In chess however strong a side is, it can lose if the opponent plays a brilliant move. You can turn the game towards you at any given moment if you have a very great move in mind. If you are going for defense, you have to read your opponent's minds, predict his moves, and defend accordingly. If you are going for an attack, you need to develop your pieces with proper support so that they don't get killed mercilessly. 

The game can sometimes become so intense that your mind goes haywire. This usually happens if the game is going on between two highly intelligent and experienced people. One might think that the move he has planned will destroy the opponent's kingdom and eventually lead him to his win but the opponent might even have a better plan in mind which can guarantee him a win. It is very uncertain. You need to have a peaceful and calm mind and have an organized thought process. The saying "Actions speak louder than words" is appropriate in this situation. Players also might have to calculate every variation of moves in advance so that they do not go into loss. Some people with good imaginative and cognitive skills can even think of 20 moves ahead into the game. All the possible variations need to be calculated carefully and a strategy needs to be planned in order to win the match.



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