Gift your Fathers love this Father's Day

Father's Day is just two days away and if you're reading this you are also among many who haven't yet planned what to gift your Dadda. Thinking what to gift a person is indeed a baffling task. Deciding what the man of your home might like is again troublesome, you never know if he might not be impressed by the quirky stuffs that you've bought for him or on the other hand might fall for your efforts. Also, in the world of limited gifts for men, we end up gifting either a perfume or a pen (little things that Indians do). So this year, why don't we step outside the regular gifts and gift our fathers something to make his day special one. Here are few of the interesting thing that your Dad might surely like!



  1. Handmade stuffs: Grab your brushes and scissors, its time to show off your creative self. Even if you aren't creative, your efforts will surely be appretiated. Self made things are surely the best gifts to offer. And why not? It has the personal touch that the other gifts lack. So, spare your time and start making gifts for him, there isn't much time left for Sunday. Make cards, scrapt items, decorate his room and do whatever you can to bring a smile on his face. 
  2. SaReGaMa Caravan: Does your father love to groove on the good old tunes like my father does? Get him a SaReGaMa Caravan and watch him relive his past with nostalia listening to thousands of evergreen Indian songs. SaReGaMa Caravan is a portable music system with the most beautiful songs, in built.
  3. Cake: Why don't you celebrate the special day with a special cake? Afterall, it has become a custom to cut cake on every special days, then why not on Father's Day? I understand that it has become really common but of course you can experiment with it to make it even the cake worth rememberance. Make the baker add quirky details on the cake of the things he like and top it up with a cute little message for your Papa. So, walk into the best bakery and get him the best possible cake, but make sure he isn't unfortunately diabetic.
  4. Photos- What's better than reviving all the favourite moments that you've captured on lenses? Decorate the walls of his room with the frames of most lovable memories of his, for example, pictures of marriage, his childhood pics etc and relive the moment with him.
  5. Personalised items: There are innumerable websites which provides us with gift items which we ourselves can personalise. For example, you can go with printing a tshirt for him with photographs or getting personalised cushions for him to decorate in his room. A budget friendly gift worth remembering is a mug with your photos which is nowadays becoming very popular gift item.
  6. Watch- If your pocket allows, gift him a classy watch to amp up his style. A watch will be the most useful gift for him which he can wear almost everyday to office. Just make sure the watch compliments his personality and watch people complimenting him in return.


Still confused about the gift? Well, your love is the greatest gift for him. Just wake him up with a smiling wish. Make him is bed tea. Express your feelings for him. Tell him how important he is for you. Spend as much time with him as you can. Share your experiences and daily gossips  with him. Take him out for lunch/dinner and make him sleep with a goodnight kiss. Trust me, this will make his day.

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