39 Different Ways of saying Thanks to Your Father


“It is a father who does not buy a new pair of shoes so that his child can have another one to match his outfit. ”A father is the foundation of his kid's future. A mother feeds her child, but it is a father who holds the finger of his child and teaches him how to walk. A father’s sacrifices are always underrated. Being a male figure, he is expected to be emotionally, physically, and financially strong. He is always expected to take care of his family first and understand the emotions of other people. Where we fail to realize that he too wants to be taken care of and to be understood. When a child is born, he hardly knows the upcoming challenges of life down his way. A father plays the role of a guide, a teacher, a friend, a critic, and whatnot to make his child strong and capable of the struggles of life.


He masks himself and portrays to be a bolder and tougher person so that he can teach his children to be the same. He makes them capable of gearing up when life pulls them down, for the experiences and ups and downs. When a kid gets stuck in the havoc of daily life hiccups, it is a father who does everything to make situations ease. He sheds his blood and tears in the process of crafting his kid and keeping the family happy and hardly shows even a part of his challenges. So, for all the times when he wanted to cry but couldn’t, all the times he too wanted to buy those new pair of shoes but brushed off his needs, for all the times he bottled up his emotions, there are various ways in which we can be verbal about the things he has done for us. So let’s thank our dad with sweet messages for all the things he has done for each one of us.


Here are 39 ways of saying nice things to your dad to let him know he has been a great father and a husband:

1 Thank you for always buying my favorite dish instead of yours.

2 It’s a blessing to have someone like your dad with whom I can be myself and still not get judged.

3 Thank you, Dad, for believing in me when everyone else was busy finding my flaws.

4 Thanks for losing those chess games and badminton matches to bring that smile back on my face and confidence in my life.

5 Thank you papa for showing me the way every time when I thought I was lost.

6 I never understood how single-handedly you took care of all my needs and wants and never complained about one.

7 I have known the thin line between being a protective father and a possessive one. Thanks for being the protective one and understanding me always.

8 I cannot ask for a better person in my life when I have you.

9 Thank you for buying me a third pair of jeans this year when you haven’t bought one for the last three years.

10 I still get mad when you scold me for little things, but I realize afterward that it’s better to get corrected by you than to get criticized by this world. Thank you father, for pointing out my mistakes in private so that I can be a better person in public.

11 When I silently cry in my room due to some of my own issues, thanks dad for silently keeping those chocolates in my room to see me smile again. You always have had different ways to get me back to my own self.

12 Thank you, dad, for those unasked morning kisses while I was asleep.

13 Whenever someone tells me that you look-alike your father. Trust me, I feel so proud of it. Do you feel the same?

14 Thanks for never making me feel stupid even at the dumbest of my mistakes.

15 I don’t know about others, but thanks for never comparing me with other kids instead of always teaching and guiding me to be a better person every day.

16 While I was in my hostel I called Mumma and she told me how you listen to some particular songs that remind you of me and get sad.

17 Thank you, papa, for believing in my dreams and making them your own.

18 In the era of casual phone texts and calls, thankyou papa and Mumma for teaching me forever old school love.

19 I remember when I was a bit young and used to get agitated when you asked me to teach the functions of your new smartphone, forgetting that you spent every minute teaching me about life.

20 I remember how I used to complain when you restricted me for night outs with my friends but all you did was protect me from critical situations.

21 I miss how I used to massage your legs by marching on them when I was young. And in return, you gave me a rupee as a reward for my hard work. Since then no reward has been as sweet as that penny.

22 I remember, while growing up I always used to play games on your mobile phone and fiddle with your laptop but you hardly complain about that. Now when I have my own mobile phone I am sorry for grumbling every time you touch my phone or try to use it.

23 Thank you for teaching the minute things in life, the general etiquette, and helping me to be a better person in every next step of my life.

24 Thanks, papa for being a critic and an appreciator both at the same level of your review to my every word.

25 Thank you father, for treating me and my brother the same, always.

26 The phase from a teenager to an adult is a demanding one, I am sorry for always misunderstanding your intentions whenever you used to correct me.

27 I wish I can still hug you and cry on your shoulders after the slightest downfall I have.

28 Thanks, Dad, for teaching me how a real man should be.

29 Thank you for hearing my silence when anyone could hardly understand my language of pain.

30 Regardless of each mistake I have made in my life you have always been there and I absolutely know who to count on when in need.

31 Without you, I could never understand the value of little things in life.

32 I remember you leaving the last bite of your favorite dessert so that I can have an extra one. Thanks, dad for making me the priority always.

33 Thank you, Dad, for always cutting down your needs to fulfill my useless demands.

34 Thank you papa for showing me the world with a better and beautiful perspective.

35 Thank you, Dad, for being the voice for me when everyone thought I was just an echo.

36 Thank you father, for always celebrating my birthday like the best day of your life.

37 I only remember you standing tall and tough in every circumstance. Thank you papa for being the best example of a better person always and the finest teacher I could ever have.

38 Thank you, dad, for always bearing with my tantrums. No one can take care of a daughter as you do.

39 Thankyou sweetest dad, from your lovely daughter. Thank you for eating my irregular pentagonal half-burnt chappatis and still appreciating my cooking skills.





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