Story of a friend: The best beginning

It was quite, quite like my life. I was alone like I have been for everyday. I know I can’t live like that but still I had no choice to make. I am someone who has hard time with people. I am some with horrible past. My story is that I am alone. So, I just sit quiet, sit where no one can interrupt me. At least I can be free from the people who have just used me. It was fine, I never care about that stuff or maybe I stop caring about such stuff.

The poignant folks will only do something that will satisfy their poignancy.  The air was cold and so how I feel the all time. Something is missing, something that makes me unhappy. I know I have to find yet I have no clue what to find. Is it a thing, an animal, or any human? I don’t know anything. All I know that I have tried a lot before I have no power to try it again. I may be lost but I am better being lost. All I know is school and my home. The world is mystery for me and I am mystery to world.  I don’t want to change that’s all I want in my life but life is complicated and so come the biggest complexion of my life. He pass me smile when I don’t even pay attention to him much. Many people warn him to stay away from a loner like me but he still come and talks with me. I try to avoid him but he always catches my attention.

Finally, I give him the chance, by opening about me as I have seen nobody who took interest in my boring life.Therefore, the story begins for me, a story of a friend. He changed me like no other. He teaches me I can trust other person. He is the one who shows me how much fun can be the outside the world. He teaches me you would experience the world the way you will think and see the world is. I don’t know the end of this story but the it’s beginning is the best.

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