Network Protocol Analyzer Products

As a part of the network administration, Network Protocol Analyzer is one of the best tools and mechanisms that will help you in keeping your network and computer system safe from hackers and the cyberattacks carried out by them in order to get hold of your personal and sensitive information. As a part of these hackers' scheme, they put malware and viruses, which often comes with data packets entering into your network through traffic. The information is leaked to them by this method.


The most possible motive behind these attacks is financial and identity theft. To secure this area, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Honeypots along The Network Protocol Analyzer (also known as Packet Sniffer) is one of the best options. In this article, you’ll get to know the details about the best products of Network Protocol Analyzer which goes on to give your network the kind of security that wasn’t available before. Although every product listed below is programmed the basic function of displaying data packets, each of these offers some unique methods as well. Wireshark is not only the oldest product that finds its' origin back to the year 1998 but also the one which is compatible with almost every platform; Windows, MACOS, Linux, etc. You can see the activities of your network as microscopic details.


It has supported more than a hundred protocols and the newer one added to the list of time to time. One unique thing about this product is that it is charity based with many generous sponsors and donors. It is capable of reading and displaying live data. TCPdump TCPdump prints the Data packet material as an option after intercepting and displaying Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) packets. It is also possible to monitor other users' activity and communication through it.


It is a product designed and programmed for primary needs like running a quick scan and such. Ethereal Considered to be one of the best open resource programs, Ethereal was originally designed for Linux but due to its' wide success, it was later adapted for Windows as well. It can translate the IP and MAC addresses into a more simplified form so an ordinary user has no difficulty in understanding it. Microsoft Message Analyzer This product allows customization for the comfort of the user and is great for the troubleshooting and test runs of the Protocol implementation. Instead of boring details, you have the option of displaying graphs and other easy to understand methods if you use this product.

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