Save the World From Global Warming

The development of science does helpful before understanding this world. However, the misuse from science exists one curse for man and can be a threat to the future. Map of global warming. The average temperature graph shows sea temperature and normal temperature fluctuations. Detailed information dates back to 1850, when the thermometer was recorded from the beginning - the Holocaust. Much of the world's heat is man-made and the scientific consensus that you are an AST 97 astronomer is endless. Oxidization from remains combustibles so while coke, gas, and oil have increased the number of greenhouse gases such as CFCs in the atmosphere. Scientists understand there exists some link among conservatory vapors including global warming because this involves connected to smoking also lung cancer. That does negative this end event. Some controlled districts should be gathering information about him and studying it for a long time.


The rest of global warming was concentrated in the late 1980s by the global warming warning. He convened the annual meeting of the COP to develop mitigation goals and strategies and the legitimacy of climate change. There are currently 197 countries associated with United Nations support. The UNFCCC is the Rio de Janeiro Convention, one of three announced at the 1992 Rio Summit. If climate change raises the area to 144-209 cm, it directly affects 13% of Bangladesh, and 13% of Bangladesh's GDP does not come from all island countries alone. You have to suffer. Therefore, it is necessary to set the old goal of "global warming warning" around the world.




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