Six Months and Six Disasters in India | Year 2020

The year 2020 completes its 6 month birthday on June 1. The year 2020 has already been proven a year of distress all over the world. The whole world stands still and there is a condition where every country in the world is in some kind or other distress. There are major issues faced by every country but on this 6-month birthday of the year 2020, here is the list of disasters that moved India into crisis and came upon as depression.


  • Corona Virus: Covid-19’s attack came as brutal for India as a knife stab.  However, the coronavirus webbed the whole world in its trap and proved to be life taking for the world but for India, it became more severe because of its extended population. India is the second-most populous country in the world and a country where 70% population resides in rural areas. Thus, after the lockdown announced in March, COVID-19 came upon as a disaster for the country. Not only because of the rising number of cases but also because of its effect on migrants. The COVID-19 cases have now reached near 2 lakh and still heading ahead. Along with this the plight of the rural population and stranded workers in lockdown made this pandemic even more disastrous.


  • Cyclone Amphan: The super cyclone Amphan let West Bengal into a state of devastation. It took a toll of around 95 people in West Bengal and extreme losses in the state. Many people lost their homes and shelter in the cyclone. The super cyclone Amphan destroyed Kolkata and brought major loss to the state. Due to cyclone, severe harm has been done to the state’s heritage and many valuable trees and flora have been uprooted.


  • Locust Attack: Desert Locust Attack is another disaster that has brought severe tensions all over the country. The locust swarms coming from Africa to Pakistan and then to India it has become a large threat to the country’s farms and agriculture. Locust attack was clearly seen in Jaipur (Rajasthan), Agra (U.P.), Gwalior (M.P.) and expected to harms parts of Maharashtra, Delhi, Bihar, Karnataka as well. The locusts eat the leaves and then make the land almost leafless. Thus, if the locust attack is not controlled then it can turn into a plague as well.


  • Earthquakes: Six earthquakes in Delhi in less than a month! Although the magnitude of earthquakes was not large and didn’t prove fatal for people six earthquakes in a month are not normal. The year 2020 has come with its own disastrous sides and furthermore earthquakes are predicted another 6 months of the year. However, it is prayed that upcoming earthquakes don’t take toll of life.


  • Floods: Many are unaware of the floods in the country due to lack of media coverage but during this time, floods have touched the lives of Assam and affected them. Also, the landslides due to floods have taken a toll of around 20 people in Assam so far. Therefore, in the north-eastern regions, it’s the disaster of floods that are keeping their lives under threat.


  • Border Tensions: Wherein the whole world is battling with coronavirus, India is facing border tensions with China. China is attacking India’s border near Ladakh and has been several times when it has an active threat to our boundaries. India is facing trouble from Nepal as well who has given clearance to its new map showing some Indian parts under its territory.


Therefore, not only natural calamities but India is also battling threats like terrorism and raised border disputes. However, it’s been only 6 months of the year, and India has already faced some of the major 6 disasters.





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