Best Earphones/ Headphones Under 2000 In India 2019

Much like our smartphones, our earphones and headphones are now essential everyday carries. Can you even imagine being stuck without them at work or spending an entire commute on the metro or local without your favourite tracks in your ears? The mere thought makes me shudder. However, there are some of us who put our headphones through the grind a bit more than others and have an unfortunate tendency to “misplace” them. For us, it just doesn’t make sense to splurge a lot of money on premium headphones. We can make do perfectly well with budget headphones under 2000 Rupees that sound good, deliver good bass and sometimes even come with mics and controls. Here’s a small list that might help you pick your next pair with ease. Without further ado, here we go;

5 Best Headphones/ Earphones Under 2000 Rupees You Can Get Your Hands On In  may 2019

1. Soundmagic E10s

Price: Rs. 2,199

I know, the brand name doesn’t have the same ring as a Sennheiser or a Sony, but once you listen to these beauties, you’ll pretty much stop caring. They offer crisp and clear audio with a decent amount of bass without compromising on overall quality. As a bonus, the pair also comes with an inline mic and controls. It’s a tad bit higher than the 2000 Rupee ceiling, but it’s worth the money.

2. Brainwavz Delta

Price: Rs. 1,699

This product offers the same sound profile as the Soundmagic E10s, but at a lower volume. The sound quality is good with decent mids, lows and highs. The tangle free wires and the slim design are definite pluses.

3. Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

Price: Rs. 1,999

Although the name’s a bit of a mouthful, this pair is actually quite comfortable to wear. They sound really good; they have an excellent mid range and there’s a smooth texture to the audio delivery that is very supple and warm.

4. Sennheiser CX275

Price: Rs. 1,599

The people at Sennheiser know their stuff. If you want headphones that offer distortion free audio with excellent low volume clarity and great mids, you can’t go wrong with these. They’re lightweight, well designed, have a secure in ear grip and have in-line controls as well to take calls.

5 . JVC HA-FX101-B

Price: Rs. 1,699

Although they have a durable rubber exterior, these headphones are not sweat resistant. They have a good passive sound isolation so that if you need to, you can tune out from the world and immerse yourself in the music you love.


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