The Current Scenario of Covid-19 is Sweeping Human Rights

The Coronavirus has originated in the city of Wuhan, China, and spread like a wildfire and became a global pandemic. The center and State have been taking various steps which have been ineffective except few. Delhi Operation Shield has been effective as the Delhi government seal 21 areas. The word ‘Shield’ stands for sealing, Home Quarantine, Isolation and tracking, Essential Supply, Local Sanitization, and Door to door checking. This is only a part of the paint. The reality is the worst. Many people succumb to Covid-19 due to medical negligence. The hospitals are charging inappropriate and surplus billing. What happened in Hyderabad is the good case in point as it was found in the Deccan Hospitals in Hyderabad that was charging inappropriate and surplus billing for the treatment of Covid-19. Albeit, the hospital has been prohibited from the further treatment of any new COVID patient.


This is not only the case of the Hyderabad, in most of the places, medical negligence has been found but the dreadful part is that no action has been taken against them. They woefully taking money from patients like a gold digger. It’s just the selfless services of the Medical department which is saving the country as a lack of infrastructure and technology advancement is the major concern of the country against Covid-19. Patients are not getting access to drinking water, sanitization facilities and apart from this, testing is one of the major concerns. It was observed that due to medical negligence, people succumb to Covid-19. In the backlog, a case was observed in Kolkata, where a man was having the symptoms of Covid-19 but the report was negative, and later on, he died due to Covid-19 and there are many more cases like this. Apart from medical negligence, India has performed approx 1, 00,000 tests which are nearly 47 tests per million people.




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