Relationships Are To Be Cared the Most

We have many relations around us. There are many kinds of relationships like siblings, friends, spouses, parents, and relatives. Each relation differs from the other. The basic rule is to respect everyone, let it be an elder or a younger person. Everyone needs respect and love. The thoughts of every person are different from the other one, which leads to misunderstandings and fights. Some try to understand and some don't at all listen to the explanations of others. Some people are bossy type and some are down to earth. Many problems arise because no one tries to understand each other. For example in a marriage relation, the husband controls the wife or vice versa. This should not be the case, both should give each other some space and not try to control each other. Sometimes trust, respect, care is totally lost. When such things are gone away from a relation, it's better for a person to speak out and try to understand what is causing trouble and work on it. Nowadays divorce cases are increasing high. This relation starts very smoothly and happily but ends very badly.


Husband and wife are like the two wheels of a vehicle, where both need to be in control and balance the life, instead of putting blames on each other. Never ever degrade one another, by talking negatives about each other. Sometimes jealous people also try to create misunderstandings. There are many people who are not blessed with relations, either some have passed away or left away in this world to live a lonely life. So value relations and live to the fullest and always remember no one is 100 percent correct, we all have faults in us. Don't expect the front person to do always the right things. If we understand this and value each one, then only we can be happy in this short life. One more important thing is to give time to each other. It's not only for couples, its for siblings, parents, friends, and relatives too. Respect and try to understand each other, as misunderstandings keep happening. If you feel something is wrong, speak out and solve the matter, and never keep in hearts. Getting angry soon on small matters is not the solution, it only hurts others. So spread love and care for each other by smiling forever.




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