Refusing the Acceptance of 1933 White Paper to Convening the Constituent Assembly

Jawaharlal Nehru said that "Constitution-making cannot be done by the wisest of lawyers sitting together in conclave; it cannot be done by the committee trying to balance interest nor it can be done under the shadow of external authorities, it can only be done effectively when political and psychological conditions are present and the urge and sanction come from the masses". In 1922, Mahatma Gandhi said that Swaraj won't be the gift of the British Parliament but it must be the urge of the people of India to be self-dependent and their wish which must be expressed through freely chosen representatives. In 1934, the Indian National Congress refused to accept the 1933 White paper because it did not express the will of the people of India.


So, they made a demand for a constituent assembly to be a part of the official policy as an alternative to the white paper. They also stated that representatives will be elected on the basis of adult franchise and the important minorities will also have their representatives from their own groups. The representatives have shown their interest in the constitution framed by the people of India without any interference by the foreign authority. They reiterated in many provincial legislative assemblies as well at Conferences such as Simla Conference in 1945. But the increase in their willingness to take its destiny into its own hand was observed during World War II. They were only in the mood to accept the constitution drafted by themselves. Therefore, In December 1946 the Constituent Assembly was convened which was derived from the people of India.




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