Is ideal love exist?

Everyone has a different perspective about love. From when you know about love, a view or a vision about ideal love is in everyone’s mind. Someone want beautiful partner, someone want beautiful hearted one. But everyone has an ideal lover in their mind. It is not compulsory to happen like that only. So many are crying   because   their ideal love   is not in reality.


Love is like stranger and unknowingly become reason to live. What we thought it should be happen like that only this thinking is wrong. If you thought about   bread and got cake then also crying then it is called stupidity.



Life is not an open book. You have    to open the book, read every single page then only, you can understand it. You cannot judge a book by its cover. You can control yourself not the surround. Life is out of hands, only you can control your deeds. So what is the use of worrying about what is out of control?


Life gives new in every second. Live every moment happily because it is not going to repeat. Thinking that this should be better will decrease happiness. To see dreams is good think but if they are not becoming reality then feeling sad about it is not good.



Do what you can, do not think about what is not in your control. Thinking or wishing that this should be happen like that only, will decrease the surprise element.


There is nothing in this world is ideal. Ideal life, ideal person, ideal person is just imagination. Everything has drawback. Take example of yourself only. No one knowns you better than you. You are not perfect then how can you want someone ideal?


Love is like a habit you can’t leave it if also you find many drawbacks in it. If you try to make your love ideal then its uniqueness will be lost. Love is ideal in its sense, do not make it ideal.

If you are going to see one movie. You are known about story then you can not enjoy it. Do not overthink about ideal love. If you will run behind to get ideal love then love will run from you.

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