Namish Taneja rubbishes the fact that web shows only revolve around boldness and vulgarity, says

Namish Taneja is popularly known for his stint in Swaragini along with Tejaswi Prakash. The actor who was last seen in the show Aye Mere Humsafar shared his views about Web Shows.


The actor has received lots of love and fame for his stint on TV. His fans are more than excited to see him back on TV as well as in web shows. Talking about venturing in web shows he spoke whether he will be doing any Web Shows in the future, He adds "I surely want to to do web shows but I am just waiting as things aren't falling into place"



Furthermore, he also explained why he hasn't done a web show yet, He averred "I have been doing Television for the past 7-8 years which is close to a decade. Hence I did not get the time to sign a web show"


Discussions about Web Shows can never go ahead without the discussions of bold scenes in it. Talking about it the actor says, "I don't think the content on the web is bold it's just new in India"


He also shared his take behind that thought, elucidating the same he adds "I have been watching shows on international GEC's wherein such things were very common. It's just that the concept is very much new for Indians and people are slowly adapting to it" He concludes!



The actor was in talks for Bigg Boss 15, but later on the talks turned out to be mere speculations. The song will be soon venturing in the other sectors as well apart from acting. Let's wait it out till the actor makes an official announcement.

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