All Love Is Expansion and All Selfishness Is Contraction

"All Love Is Expansion and All Selfishness Is Contraction"

The above quote is quoted by our idol Swami Vivekananda. When we come across the word expansion it means becoming bigger and when we come across the word contraction means becoming smaller similarly the message that is conveyed by Swami Vivekananda is that the one who loves everyone and chooses to do something for other’s first is bigger in the eyes of the world and the one who chooses to do something for himself first without being thoughtful about other’s tends to look smaller in the eyes of the world. It also states that when someone has the ability to love he has the ability to live and the one who tends to be selfish often meet’s the death.


It’s a true fact that the one who spreads love tends to make a stronger bond and connection with people around him and the one who is selfish tends to be alone. When someone is asked about who they count on between the loved one and the selfish one, the majority of them choose the loved one because they know they are always there to do some good deed for others without even expecting anything in return. They do not count or consider the person in their life who is selfish because they know that the person might just do something for himself even when he is helping someone else. When we come across people with good deeds, we often find them stepping right in to help anyone any time sometimes even if its risky then jump right into it without giving it a second thought. When we talk about selfishness, the first thing that comes in our mind is the people who just think about themselves without caring about the feelings and emotions of those with who they are surrounded.


Sometimes it gets difficult for people to be with such people because nobody likes people who just care about their selves. Somewhere down the heart, everyone in this world wants someone to care for them. At the time of uncertain situation, the one who suffers the most is the one who chose selfishness over others because when they need someone no one is willing to stand with them and help them to overcome the situation because they have the image that the person won't do anything good in return and continue to be the way he is and forget what people did for him.


Doing a good deed often leads to beautiful paths, having someone, and not being alone during a difficult time. And maybe just doing everything for yourself may lead to a difficult path and you may be alone. When you keep on doing things just for yourself without thinking about the happiness of the second person or people around you even you are happy it would not do any good to you. People often tell that doing good will bring you good and doing bad will bring you bad just like karma. The quote also states that all love is life and all selfishness is dead, life is good for everyone, but death is not too good for anyone. So, love for love's sake that's the only law of life without doing any bad to someone just like how you breathe to live.





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