Interesting Birds Characters; Which one Are YOU!!


It has a very strong mental strength and a clear vision, flying in the sky it can be able to spot its prey on the ground or even in the water. It is fearless and has an ability to nurture the young one. Eagles are the only birds that are not scared of the storm. When other birds are scared of it, eagles fly into it and will use the wind to fly even higher. Eagles never give up living when they get old and weak, they go through metamorphosis and regrow.

A Dove

It tends to avoid trouble and quietly go about its business. It doesn’t like attention. It is very quiet and humble, because of this it is respected and it is called a peaceful bird. It is happiest and social with another dove companion. As a pet they can really get attached to their owner, loyal and friendly. They have been used for thousand years during war as messengers. So you could say they are trust worthy.

More Interesting Birds Characters

A Parrot

It has excellent communication skills and can form a strong bond. This has made it to become a very popular bird pet. It can either be loud or quite. It’s very social, intelligent and sensitive. It enjoys interacting with its food. It’s a celebration when its food time. Some parrots can learn to speak a human language, so be careful what you say around them. They can repeat it later.

A Peacock

It is very vibrant and colorful. It likes to exhibit and show off its beauty. This has made it to become a center of attention. Although it is quite with a simple and uncomplicated personality, it manages to attract because of the way it keeps its beauty nature. It is very confident and hence the majestic walk.

A Flamingo

It’s a social bird as it sticks together in a group. A flamingo in a small group has a high chance of being attacked and so it is so dependent on its members. Because of this it works together well in a team than alone. For example; Male and female as mates work together in searching for the nest. They help each other construct it and protect it from enemies or other flamingoes.

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