India, Manufacturing Suicides

India accounts for the highest rates of suicide rates among those aged 15 to 29 and also accounts for over a third of worlds annual female suicides. In 2016, an estimated 230,300 Indians died of suicide, a 40 percent increase from 1990. Recently, 19 students committed suicide within a week since Telangana intermediate results were announced. Parents and students blamed the TBIE (Telangana Board of Intermediate Education) for the blunders made during evaluation. The Indian Education System promotes a competitive environment and students who don't secure excellent marks required for admission in top universities are made to accept themselves as failures.



It's not rare to see students suffering from anxiety, depression and stress regardless of their age-group. The society doesnt shy away from pressurising students beyond their limits. The students are forced to enroll in coaching institutes by their parents where they are pushed, stretched and clamped beyond their abilities by hard vigorous schedules which turns out to be a major reason behind their breakdowns and panic attacks. A belief seems to have emerged in the populace that one needs to join these exorbitantly priced institutes to achieve success. The city of Kota is famous for its coaching institutes. But while these institutes bring in thousands of students to the city, scarce attention is given to the ever increasing rates of students subjected to a monotonous routine, eventually giving up.



The rise in the number of suicides in Kota last year had rattled India's coaching capital. Unfortunately, neither the parents not the coaching institutes are sensitive to the emotional cost of chasing the Indian dream of becoming doctors and engineers. When it comes to the most affected groups, students and farmers have the biggest share. At least 45 farmers commit suicide each day in India. Of the total deaths around 15 percent victims are women while 85 percent are male farmers. The worst affected states are Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. With schemes failing regularly, the government is trying it's best to cover up their goof-ups by introducing more schemes that are bound to fail again. Governments need to ensure that the schemes introduced are implemented carefully.



India being an agrarian economy with 70 percent of its people depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture, farmers hold strong value in social and political terms. Political parties try their best to brainwash farmers by introducing new schemes every election. With the unfortunate increase in the number of suicides in the country and correspondingly of the most important groups, one who decides the future and the other who feeds the future, India's development as a country on the whole is being hampered at an alarming level.


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