Growing Teenage Things- Every Girl Should Know

Learning: Although it is important to decide what and how to study, the mother has something to say. The study period is the period when one is most tempted. Keep in mind that my study is to make my dreams come true. Any study is good. But what you learn is to strive to learn it best and to the fullest. We are interested in whatever your taste is. But do not forget that hard work requires perseverance. One who learns for himself will surely learn well. Learning is not just a matter of graduation or acquisition of knowledge, but of becoming a possessor of a good personality, a valued and socially committed citizen.


Fashion: Like any mother, I want my children to be attractive. Beyond the latest fashions, clothing and makeup should be tailored to your body type. Any outfit can be worn decently or not. Real beauty is a decent dress and demeanor. ∙ 


A place to lay your head: My shoulders are a place to bow my head in any problems and crises. You are more precious to us than anyone else. Only I can love and understand you with all your shortcomings. Because I came here after going through the same situation as you. We still see you today with the love and affection you had when you were young. So I will always be with you as a stronghold in all your pains and crises. With taste: Your mother is always with your taste. Everyone who has mastered the arts and culture has to tell the story of a mother who held them together with determination. We are always there to understand your tastes, to encourage and nurture creativity. ∙


Food is important: I spend a lot of time outside the home and I have two things to say about food.

(1) Eat regularly. Quit the habit of skipping breakfast when you are hungry.

(2) Try to avoid hotel food and junk food. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. ∙


Marriage: Like any mother, your marriage is my dream. You can decide if you want to get married. You have the final say in how and to whom. Before that, you have to pay attention to what I have to say. When you want to get married, the first thing you need to do is make a choice. Fixed marriages are generally optional. You need to deal with it with the conviction and seriousness that you are choosing for a lifetime. Our experience will strengthen you for that. But in a romantic marriage, the responsibility increases because the choice is entirely yours. Marriage is a relationship between two families. You should choose marriage after studying it more carefully than choosing a friend. You should try to understand the family and the person better. In short, you need to find your partner, not out of external motivation or pressure.


Citizenship: We owe a debt of gratitude to the community in which we live. Let us not forget that this community has created the conditions for you to live, study, and grow. So you have to decide for yourself what you will give back to this community. It is important to plant a tree and not waste electricity or water.


Live in harmony with nature: You must live a life in harmony with nature. We should try to live without exploiting natural resources and conserving nature. You must realize that this earth is not only for human beings but also for all beings. ∙


Financial discipline: Earnings and spending are not proper finance. It is also about cultivating the habit of saving. You must realize that our wealth belongs to those who do not have it. So you need to avoid unnecessary abundance and help others to build a life. Remember that nothing but the good deeds done accompany us when we leave this world.


Maintain your personality: Adhere to the values ​​we have instilled in you in any situation and at any stage of your life and move forward in life without mortgaging your personality. Our support and prayers for that will always be with you.




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