Ford is set to bring its self-driving cars to Austin, Texas soon

As per the sources Ford is said to bring its self-driving cars to Austin, in Texas soon. It’s also reported that Ford will gradually increase its size of the coverage area and its fleet of self-driving cars, with an impressive view towards launching an expansive autonomous taxi and delivery service in the year 2021.


Not only the automakers and its autonomous vehicle Argo All will at first spend several months developing detailed maps of the area which it sees as a component to safe self-driving vehicles, but it’s also said that the engineers will also take a note of local traffic quirks that the car’s mind basically would need to be aware of and will also look after the issue of the scooters and bicycles, which are a prevalent obstacle in the city.


The company in an interview states, “Austin seems like an ideal proving ground for the vehicles. With our region’s population on track to double in the next 20 to 25 years, it’s clear we need to re-think how our right-of-way is used if we want people to be able to move around our city”. Apart from this, Volkswagen has said to invest $2.6 billion in Argo Al in order to become an equal partner in the company with Ford, so as to integrate the technology into its vehicle.  

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