Hydration in Summers


Summers are enjoyable unless you get dehydrated . Dehydration is cause of significant loss of body fluid that impairs body functions .

Around three quaters of human body is water and when the body releases more fluids instead of intaking those fluids , dehydration takes place .


Causes of dehydration : 

• Diarrhea

• Vomiting

• Sweating etc .

And low of dehydration can give you headaches , lethargy and constipation .

Our thirst mechanism tells us when we need to increase fluid intake.


Symptoms of dehydration : 

• First symptom includes thirst and darker urine . ( Urine color is one of the best indicators ; clean urine assures you good hydration whereas darker urine is a sign that you should drink more water . )

• Dry mouth , weakness in muscles , dizziness are secondry .

• lack of sweating , sunken eyes, shriveled and dry skin , low blood pressure, increased heart rate, fever ,delirium are some major chronic symptoms of dehydration .


How to stay Hydrated ?


Water is basic requirement of human body as 75% of human body is water . Water is the one nutrient we can't survive without for more than a few days (we can live significantly longer without calories, carbs, or essential vitamins) .


1. Take your water bottles everywhere you . 

I'm a handsome 21 year guy , holding a water bottle everywhere I go sometimes made me feel like a child going for school but for god sake its the best way I found my thirst being quenched at heat moments .


2 . Start your morning by drinking 1 litre water in empty stomach .


It just not hydrates your body but also helps in eliminating solid wastes from bodies as feces . Drinking water in empty stomach also reduces prone skin and makes it clear and glowing .


3 . Take fruit juices in breakfast !


Eating omelette or a sanwich in morning with a glass of fruit juice could be a best way to hydrate your body with vitamins and nutrients .


5 . Eat watermelons and maskmelons .


These fruits contains high amount of water and tastes good as well which immunes the hydrating mechanism of human body .


6 . Make sure you drink water each hour . Make scheduled and punctual way of drinking water.


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