Do not over Love

Do not do anything over. You must have heard this. Do not over eat, do not over drink these are the obvious lines we hear. But do you think over love is harmful?


Over loving will makes feel, what a bird in golden cage feels.  To love someone to the extent that he or she will suffocate then it is not called love.



If one boy loves a girl then it is made compulsory that she should talk with him only. This is over protectiveness. That girl cannot use phone without his permission. He is the one who is going to decide how much time she is going to use the internet. How is she going to wear the cloths, how much time she can be outside the home, these all are his decision not her. This is the over protectiveness which will work like a slow poison and become the reason to dead of love.


Animals give birth to offspring and leave them to live. If lion is not going to leave its offspring then it’s not going to learn how to hunt. Tortoise can learn how to swim on their own. The egg is going to be hatch on its own. If egg is hatched because of outside pressure then it is going to be its death.



If you love someone then you got the right to control them, this is not like that. Everyone is free and have right to live how ever want to live. To treat someone without their will is not the love.


Love give freedom, not feel like the jail. Love sets free, not feel suffocating. Excise is good but if you do it beyond some extent then it can be fatal. Same case about love, love is beautiful thing but if add over protectiveness in it then it is going to be fatal.


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