Are you suffering from Constipation, Gas and Obesity! Here are some of the measures to be taken immediately

To stay healthy it is very important to get enough sleep, but if the way of sleeping is not right, then sleep is often broken and sleep is not complete, while if the way of sleeping is right, then only you can sleep deeply Rather, we can survive from many diseases, so today we are going to tell you the way to sleep through which you can avoid many diseases.


Our health has a lot of effects on which side of sleep we sleep, in fact, let us tell you that it is very beneficial for us to sleep by turning on the left side, people who sleep directly on their back, they have asthma. Chances are more, our better digestive power is also better by sleeping on the left side, those people who have bad stomach and remain indigent also sleep on the left side. Hia.


Food is easily reached from the small intestine to the large intestine while sleeping on the left side, so the stomach is cleaned well, people who sleep in the wrong position at night may have a problem in the heart, on the left side. The acid produced in the stomach by sleeping goes down instead of up, which does not cause acidity.

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