Dental X-rays for Pets

This article is to educate pet owners about Dental X-rays for their pets. Having knowledge about the most important part of diagnosing their pet will let you be in ease.


X-rays are Electromagnetic radiations that are used to scan bones in living beings. By letting the X-rays pass through the body, the bones which are rich in calcium absorb the X-rays. As a result, a two-dimensional shadow image of the bone is created in the sheet which is placed below the body. The sheet obtained is called Radiograph.


Same way X-rays are used to take a radiograph of pet's teeth to diagnose. To assure your pet's overall health it is best to keep your pet's teeth healthy. Having a problem in teeth can be a direct or indirect cause for other illness. In Diagnosing pet's teeth veterinarian use radiograph which plays a vital role.


An X-ray diagnosis is necessary because it reveals most part of the teeth under the gum line of the pet's mouth. Thus it helps in identifying damages in your pet's teeth.


An X-ray machine is used to obtain a digital or analog form of the radiograph. By studying the radiograph the veterinarian can identify the affected areas in a pet's mouth. This eventually leads them to cure the pet's illness.

While taking an X-ray of a pet's teeth its body won’t be relaxed because a radiographic film or sensor is placed inside the pet's mouth. So the pet is anesthetized before the treatment is started.

Since X-rays are radiation they may have an effect over the pet and the examiner if they are exposed to it too much. But due to fast development in medical technology the radiation released during a scan is reduced and all veterinarian dental specialists are trained in explaining and use of radiograph and X-rays.

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