Types of Malware: Adware, Keylogger , Trojan Horses , etc



Malware is one of those technical terms that almost everyone is familiar with no matter how little someone knows about technology. It is as dangerous for your device and network as it is famous. It is basically any software that is designed to harm cause harm in whichever device or network it goes as the name itself suggests; malicious + software = Malware.

This mixture of two words is an umbrella term towering above the different kinds of attack you can expect if someone decides to make you their target of it and it is a risky business unless you’re really really cautious. It works on your devices and network just like the flu works on a human body and alters and damages the system without consulting the operating system or the user since it is controlled by the hackers.


Different types of Malware:

• Adware – While some of the prominent websites have a no-ad policy, most of them cannot run without advertising others. Hackers are sure to use this to their advantage. Some of the ads and links are seen on websites are the adware that may put viruses on your device. The functions of these viruses we will also be discussing.

• Keylogger – this kind of malware has the ability to monitor your keyboard and compromise sensitive and private information by storing and sending everything you type to the hackers.

• Viruses – these are named after the biological viruses because they harm devices and network the same way biological viruses harm human bodies. To check for viruses in your device, look for files that are executable (exe).

• Worms – these work like a spreading infection and can cause harm to the LANs and even across the internet given how many devices are connected to one infected device.

• Logic Bomb – this is a simple code that accompanies the other malware and waits to strike when the time is right.

• Trojan Horses – this malware has the ability to appear as legitimate software or become a part of one in order to make way for more malware to get into the system.

• Rootkit – this is a kind which is more dangerous since it gives power to the hacker of an administrator while being able to hide from the operating system.

• Ransomware – This is one of the most infamous types in which you are required to pay money to the hackers unless they can lock your device and network forever and even make your sensitive information public.

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