Abusive Adult Children can be Evicted From the Property of their Parents


Parents take proper care of their children and sacrifice all their life for them but what they are getting after all their sacrifices? They are usually left alone or they are ill-treated at home. There is an act under which parents, grandparents, and senior citizens are able to claim for maintenance. The act is the maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens act,2007. Section 24 of maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens act, 2007 states that if a person does not fulfill his obligation of protecting or taking care of senior citizens with an intention to abandon them then he will be punished with imprisonment which may extend to 3 years or fine which may extend to ₹5,000 or both. In the judgment of Delhi High Court in case Rajiv belt vs State (2018), the court held that adult children can be evicted from any type of property of parents on the ground of ill-treatment. 


In Pramod rajankar v. Arunashankar (2018), Chhattisgarh High Court held that senior citizen has right over their movable and immovable property and also have the right to evict their children if they misbehave with them. They aren't supposed to tolerate any kind of abusive behavior of the children towards them. The Court also recognizes the sacrifices made by parents for their children and in many cases, parents are found all alone either in their home or in old age home. It is shameful for us to see senior citizens in such conditions. So, one should remember the sacrifices and facilities given by our parents when they were able to do so. And when it's the duty of the adult children to do such things they misbehave with them. If they aren't not fulfilling their part of duty then they have no right over the properties of their parents.





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