Be hydrated this summer

Tips to stay hydrated this summer!

Summer surprises are exciting for all ages, especially children. Soaking up the sun rays, visiting a beach, nature hike, summer camping or trekking are just few of the surprises in store for all of us. Do you know what happens when we spend a lot of time in the sun doing all these fun activities? We get dehydrated! Dehydration is dangerous for our health as it is a result of our body losing too much fluid.


Below are 7 proven tips on how to stay hydrated and cool this summer and still keep up the summer spirit.


1.  Water is your best friend. It is the most essential nutrient for every human body. It might be easy to survive without food but not without water. Drink enough water to keep yourself cool.


2.  Eat your water. It might be a tough task to keep up with the traditional rule of drinking 8 glasses of water every day, so eat them instead! Water melon, orange, cucumber, lettuce, celery, radishes, tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, yogurt are great options.


3.  A glass of water before every meal. This will keep your body hydrated and more over you will avoid overeating eventually. It is wise to eat only sufficient solid food during the summer and consume more liquid.


4.  Carry enough water during camping or hiking. Make sure to carry enough and more water along with you when you’re planning a trip or camping with the kids. Activities and games can dehydrate everybody which can be risky, eventually spoiling your fun trip.


5.  Hydrate before exercise. When you exercise your body sweats, so imagine the extent to which you might sweat on a hot summer while exercising. Drink plenty of water before you begin your routine. Make your own energy drinks and avoid Gatorade’s or sports drinks as it often accompanies dehydration due to be high sugar content in it.


6.  Homemade Popsicles’ are delicious, healthy and hydrating. Kids love popsicles and so do adults during this sultry summer. Everybody loves them for a very good reason, as it keeps us cool, relaxed and quenches our never ending thirst.


7.  Drink water after every restroom visits. By drinking a glass of water, your body will help replenish the lost fluids. It keeps your body from dehydrating and will also create a balance for the bodily functions.

Beat the heat this summer by staying Hydrated!

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