Parenting : The Consequences of Excessive Care of Children

Adults with feelings of insecurity and anxiety, who have been cared for in their own childhood, who have not received love, and who possess immature feelings, often pamper their children excessively. In any case, such parents are afraid to impose disciplinary action, proper values, or disciplinary action on the child. But they do not think about the negative impact of their own behavior on the child. There is no doubt that excessive care and love will suffocate the child. That would make them kind of bored. To escape from it, they show a variety of perversions. It can lead to teachers scolding and punishing them at school. Psychologists suggest that this kind of abuse and punishment may be given them fondness in many of these children. If boys are subjected to excessive pampering, it will adversely affect their social development and emotional maturity. Parents need to recognize that this can lead to many personality disorders in girls as well.


Children who receive excessive pampering will develop a misconception about their own importance. They still expect excessive consideration from adults. Such children may have the attitude of 'I want everything' but they can't give anything back. When they don't get what they want, they get angry and resentful. This can often cause problems. That is, the inflated notion of their importance consciously drives them to expect too much consideration from those outside the home. Excessive pampering can lead a child to a bad social life. Accepting excessive pampering and special affection can be a source of comfort and satisfaction for children. Look, the excessive food they love, the fulfillment of all their desires, the exorbitant clothes they need, more toys they like, the freedom to do whatever you want, and the fact that they will not be punished for what they do are all things that excite children. But it is no secret that none of this will work them well in the future. Such children do not have confidence or self-reliance. That is why when problems and challenges arise, they stand up and accept failures in life. Another factor is that such children may develop prejudice, selfishness, and anti-social behavior.


Children are changed in this way by those who think that love gives children what they ask for. Such parents think that giving valuable gifts and pocket money as their wish is the best way to show love. Therefore, they try to cater to the needs of their children and buy expensive gifts, jewelry, clothes, and a vehicle when they grow up. What is really going on here? The child is not getting the true love he needs or the child cannot see the love in the behavior of the parents. A smile of love, a soft touch, and a kiss will be alien to children. Children can't understand the real feeling of parents in this situation. Children who lack love in this way try to get attention and shriek and show violent behavior when what they want does not happen. When there are reactions like this from children, naturally parents will go to them and do whatever it takes to stop crying. Gradually, this obstinacy, violent behavior, and attempts to become the center of attention become a child's habit.




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