Curd Can Be Harmful To You Under These Conditions!

Curd has forever been an important a part of the Indian diet. Be it the cooling result, aiding in digestion or its high phosphorus and metallic element content, it been acknowledged for ages for its edges. However, did you recognize that it may also be harmful to you? There area unit many conditions below that curd will do additional damage to your body than smart. Have a fast look thus you'll be able to avoid these conditions. When taken at night! Having curd at the hours of darkness are often harmful because it will increase phlegm. Per written material, this is often because of the doshas in our body. We've three doshas, Vata, tyrannid and Kapha and therefore the Kapha dosha is predominant at the hours of darkness.


Curd, having each sweet and bitter properties, adds to the Kapha dosha associate degreed creates an imbalance, resulting in the phlegm formation. It is, therefore, well that if you've got cough, respiratory disease or area unit vulnerable to influenza and cold, you ought to avoid having curd at the hours of darkness. Apart from this, intake curd at the hours of darkness additionally poses a risk of abdomen sickness and causes worry of infection within the body. If you're stricken by inflammatory disease or joint pain, having curd might increase the pain. If you fully can’t do while not it, substitute it with entremots or milk.


When in love sure alternative food! While you ought to avoid it at the hours of darkness, bear in mind to not combine it up with these foods throughout the day either:-

* Fish: Curd and fish along will result in {indigestion|dyspepsia|stomach upset|upset abdomen|symptom} and alternative stomach problems because of their high supermolecule content. whereas it doesn’t have an effect on everybody, it are often quite a ordeal for those that expertise the harmful effects of this mix.

* Milk: 2 animal supermolecule sources ought to ne'er be consumed along because it will result in symptom, acidity and abdomen problems.

* Oily foods: Oily food with curd will curtail your digestion method and cause you to languorous. It isn’t harmful within the real sense however it will bring down your productivity and leave a not-so-good feeling with you. Mango/Onions: each mangoes and onions area unit hot in nature whereas curd is cool. Pairing up curd with these food things will cause skin problems like rashes, skin disorder and skin condition.




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