Why is Water Tank Insulation Jacket Manufacturing Industry Growing in Jaipur and Surat?


Why is the water tank insulation jacket manufacturing industry growing in Jaipur and Surat?

Water tanks serve a very important purpose yet people neglect its safety most of the time. For example, these tanks are present on top of buildings and are exposed to natural disasters. Thus, a person must maintain the water tank properly as this tank will be supplying water to the entire house. The water needs to be cool as it will serve as the drinking water for the entire house. A water tank insulation jacket is an excellent way to protect your tank and keep it cool at the same time. 


The water tank insulation jacket manufacturing industry is rapidly growing in India. People have finally realized the massive role that these jackets have on the safety of the tank. Additionally, these jackets also help to increase the lifespan of the tank. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the role of a water tank cover and the reason for its rapid production in Jaipur and Surat.


The role of water tank insulation jacket

water tank insulation jacket protects your tank from inside and outside. For best results, these covers are composed of a special UV resistant material and this technology is called Flame Retardant Insulation Technology. This is one of the most well-known insulation techniques all over the world. Additionally, these tank jackets maintain ambient water temperatures throughout the year. This means that these covers will not only keep the water cool during summers but also help to keep the water warm during the freezing winter days. In simple words, a water tank insulation prevents excessive heat loss or gain inside your water tank. 


Additionally, these jackets help to increase the lifespan of the water tank. For example, a water tank insulation jacket covers the tank and saves it from direct sunlight, rain, harsh winds, etc. So, the tank is safe from most of the factors that can damage it. Moreover, these tanks are very affordable and can be bought from many prominent manufacturers in India. Now, let us move on to the advantages of using a water tank insulation jacket.


Advantages of using water tank insulation jacket

Water tank jackets are one of the most important parts of water safety. All new and old buildings must ensure that the tanks are properly secured with the help of these jackets. Some of the prime advantages of water tank insulation jacket are: 

  • It completely insulates the tank from the changing temperature outside. Thus, the water inside is unaffected to the outside temperature gradients. 

  • water tank insulation jacket ensures that no harmful bacteria, fungus, or microorganism grows near your tank. So, water inside the tank is always safe for drinking.

  • During the rainy season, the underground water often gets contaminated. So, a water tank insulation jacket has an integrated filter to ensure that the water is completely clean before it enters the tank. 

  • The tank cover protects your tank from direct rain, sunlight, and harsh winds. Thus, these covers help to increase the lifespan of the tank.

So, at a glance, we can say that water tank jackets ensure that the water inside is safe from all possible threats.


Importance of choosing the right water tank jacket manufacturer

In India, there are many water tank jacket manufacturing companies but they simply aren’t up to the mark. For example, many companies don’t use the Flame Retardant Insulation Technology to save some extra expenses. Thus, it is very important to thoroughly check the company before you make any form of purchase from them. We have shortlisted three of the best water tank manufacturing companies in India. These companies provide the best products and ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. 


Best water tank cover manufacturing companies in India

1. Nova Guard

Nova Guard is one of the celebrated brands in the water tank insulation jacket industry. They have a wide range of water insulation services for domestic and industrial use. A list of best water tank cover manufactures can never be complete without Nova guard. Some of the premium features of Nova Guard are as follows: 

  • Water tank covers are equipped with unique five-layer protection for best results.

  • The jackets are completely leak-proof to ensure that there is no loss of water.

  • The jackets have a well-thought design to ensure complete UV protection and safety against the effects of global warming.

  • The covers don’t allow any form of microorganism or reptile to pollute the water inside the tank.

The water tank insulation jacket from Nova Guard ensures value for money so they are very affordable. Moreover, these covers are available both online and offline.


2. Sintex

Sintex is one of the household names in the plumbing industry. Over the years, they have become the most trusted brand with its superior products and seamless customer service. They use special technology to ensure that the covers can protect themselves. Additionally, the water tank jackets come with inbuilt filters to ensure that the water is safe before it enters the tank. This company is well known for its world-class customer support. For example, they ensure that all the complaints get resolved within twenty-four hours of successful registration. They have many additional services with all of their products. For instance, they provide complimentary pest control with every water tank jacket installation. Thus, your tank is safe from all microorganisms and reptiles that might infect the water.


Sintex ensures complete value for money. It is safe to say that they have the most competitive pricing in the entire market. Additionally, they allow an extra discount if the customer purchases a water tank insulation jacket along with a water tank. They have named this plan “the customer loyalty bonus”. So, if you want a budget-oriented product with the best customer support then, Sintex is your choice.


3. Sheetal Group

Sheetal group is well known in India for its water insulation solutions and waste management systems. For the water tank insulation jacket, they are a popular choice. Additionally, Sheetal Group has over thirty years of experience in water tank cover manufacturing. Some of the features of water tank jackets made by Sheetal group are: 


  • These covers are specially equipped with multiple layers of insulation.

  • These covers are one of the most trusted all over the market as they are UV resistant and FDA approved.

  • Sheetal group has a massive product range. They make covers in all shapes, sizes, and colors to ensure complete customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, all the products have to undergo multiple quality checks. Sheetal group is also known for making the best industrial-grade water tanks. So, if you want a no-compromise product with vast options for customizations then Sheetal is a good choice.


These covers ensure that your tank is safe throughout the year. Thus, you will have safe water at all times. So, if you want to get rid of all water tank worries then you must choose Nova Guard.


Growing water tank insulation market in India

India's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has released a lot of orders to control the carbon footprint. For instance, the government has heavily stressed energy efficiency as one of the prime weapons to fight global warming. A lot of energy is wasted in maintaining the temperature of the water inside water tanks. This amount is much higher when it comes to industrial tanks. So, the use of a water tank insulation jacket can help to solve this issue. Thus, it has become almost mandatory to use water tank jackets at the industrial level and is recommended at the domestic level. Till 2010, all water insulation products were imported in India. 


However, with the new government directives, the demands kept rising and it became almost impossible to import the required number of products. So, companies started setting up factories in India to meet the rising demands. Since then, the industry has kept growing rapidly. Surat and Jaipur have become the hub for water tank insulation jacket manufacturing. Now, let us take a look at some of the aspects that made these two cities the insulation hub of India. 


Water tank insulation jacket manufacturer in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. The open atmosphere of the city and quick access to massive trade companies makes it an ideal location for business. Many major companies have set up their production line-ups in Jaipur. Even many massive water tank insulation jacket makers are present in Jaipur. Some of the prominent Water tank insulation jacket manufacturers in Jaipur are


  1. Nova guard

​As we already discussed, Nova Guard is a household name in the water tank insulation industry. At a glance, their products feature special three-layer protection for best results along with a special UV resistant material. Nova guard offers complimentary tank purification with every water tank jacket purchase. Their covers have a special filter to ensure that the water is clean before it enters the tank.


  1. Neo- Water Insulation services
    Neo is a prominent name in the industrial water tank insulation segment. They make custom water tank jackets to fit all the different water tanks used in various industries. They provide superior customer support. Neo uses special German TUV technology to strengthen the jackets to ensure a massive lifespan for all the covers. 


  1. Nircon Polymers Private Limited

This is an Indian origin company. Started in 2003, they have made their name in the plumbing industry. Initially, they only manufactured water tanks but slowly they have entered the tank insulation industry. They are an ISO certified company and have been passionately serving the Indian market for over a decade now. 


Water tank insulation jacket manufacturer in Surat

Surat is one of the industrial capitals of India. This city is famous for its textile, diamond cutting, and processing industries. It has easy access to raw materials and various modes of transport links this city with all the prime cities all over India. Thus, this city is a dream location for any business organization. So, over the years, many prominent water tank insulation jacket manufacturers have set up their production branches in Surat. Now, let us take a look at some of the prominent water tank insulation jacket manufacturer in Surat


  1. Shish Industries Limited

Shish Industries are famous for their special water tank insulation services. They make a special water tank jacket that can reflect 90% of the sunlight. Additionally, their insulation services prevent the degeneration of water tanks and protect the tank from UV rays. Thus, they help to increase the lifespan of your water tank.


  1. Shree Radhey Polymers

Shree Radhey Polymers is well-known for its five-layer water tank insulation service. They provide premium quality products and ensure the ambient temperature of the water in the tanks. This company has been sincerely serving the insulation industry for over a decade. Their products have unique features such as high insulation, superior quality, bacteria and algae resistance, durability, etc.


  1. Krishna Insulations and Engineering Private Limited

They are famous for their special industrial-grade water tank insulation. Krishna insulations use double-layer tank insulation and they create a vacuum in between the two layers. In simple words, they use the technology of water flask to protect the tanks used in all the industries. They are one of the most renowned industrial tank insulation companies in India. 


Conclusive views on the growing market for water tank insulation jacket

Water tanks are responsible for supplying drinking water to the entire building. Thus, it is very important to ensure that the tanks are properly secured to avoid any form of a safety hazard. Indeed, the Indian market didn’t feel the importance of the water tank insulation jacket for a very long time. However, the times have changed and the tank insulation market is rapidly growing in India. All the leading companies have chosen the best industrial locations that will help them to smoothly manufacture these tank jackets and supply them all over India. 


So, we can conclude that the water tank insulation jacket manufacturing Industry is rapidly growing in Jaipur and Surat for multiple reasons; the prime reason being public awareness. This means that people have finally understood the need to save themselves and the environment. We hope that this awareness keeps increasing with the passing years.





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