Harvard Business School


Harvard Business School is one of the best business schools providing skills fluency and confidence to the students to succeed in the world of business. The mission of HPS is to educate leaders who make a difference in the world. The program of Harvard Business School also offers programs for individuals and organizations. The programs which are available for the individuals are - Comprehensive Leadership programs which help the students to transform their mind and their overall personality, topic-focused programs which help the students to get in-depth knowledge, regional programs, virtual programs. There are certain more programs for organizations such as custom programs that help the organization to learn the best combination of learning methods which will help them and their employees, programs for small teams which will help the organization and employees to learn and grow from the experience shared by leaders.


The response of COVID 19: 

1. During COVID 19, this school started virtual programming where students and employees will learn how to manage work, business, and team and how to deal with the situations.

2. They host weekly interviews with faculty to improve their knowledge perspective.

3. The research hub of Harvard Business School is trying to understand the impact of coronaviruses and issues related to it and what would be the impact of this virus on the economy and business.

4. They are helping the organization to know how to handle their employees and adjust their operations.





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