3 signs some people being fake nice to you


The weirdest thing ever in this world is fake people, they will ruin your whole life. If you want to know who is fake nice to you then read this entire article.

1 They will ignore you

If you noticed that someone is ignoring you when you need them and when they need you, they behave like they are the only person who cares for you. This is the clear sign that they are fake.

2 They always break your trust

They always break your trust, they never care about you and continues to break your trust. If it's happening to you then be careful someone is being fake nice with you. You have to talk to them.

3 They always want something from you

It seems like they always want something from you but they never want to give you something. They only need your money or anything else. You have to maintain distance from this kind to people.

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