" The Fault In Our Stars " - Worldwide BestSeller Realistic Fiction Novel


The “Fault in Our Stars” is a multi-million worldwide bestseller in a realistic fiction novel which was written by John Green. The first book was published on 10th January 2012. In the book, the author highlights the tragedy of cancer which involves the life of the characters that would be very real. Not everyone knows about the heartaches while dealing with people who are fighting with cancer and the scars that last their whole life. In his book, he builds a story out of darkness and despair. The title is inspired by Act I, Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar where Cassius says to Brutus that the fault is not in our stars dear Brutus but in ourselves that we are underlying. This book is just not the book that highlights the tough time that a teenager or any person at any age goes through cancer physically and mentally but also makes us understand what actually true love is and the power it has. It is never easy to live in such a reality but it takes courage for one to make cancer part of their life and to accept the fears that come along with it.


Throughout the story, there is a beauty and humor of a candle in the wind for those who survived such an uncaring disease. Cancer does not only touch the patients but also their close ones because they fear to lose them.  The courage, energy, and despair keep’s you on a roller coaster of emotions. The author takes you on a journey that devasting on one hand and beautiful on another.


John Green creates this story where the character makes cancer as a member of their lives and making it look at something that they have known forever and explain how is it to live with it. Hazel in the story explains the idea of side effects that people with cancer suffer with but in her case, it was depression. Later she quotes that ‘Depression is not a side effect of cancer but of dying’. She also explains how difficult it is knowing that you would not be able to live for long and their body can fail any moment but in some way, they still fight.


The story is brought into the picture by a sixteen-year-old girl who was suffering from cancer from a young age. “I fell in love the way you fall asleep slowly, then all at once.” The story is narrated by the main character Hazel Grace Lancaster suffering from thyroid cancer (which occurs in the cells at the base of your neck) for three years which affected her lungs. She is forced to join a support group where she meets and falls in love with a seventeen-year-old Augustus Waters who was currently in charge of a support group and was an ex-baseball player and once had a cancer tumor in his leg.


Augustus Waters's character develops throughout the story has he plays an important role in changing the life of Hazel Grace with hope and cheerfulness. Both create a relationship together where they fight the struggles that are presented to them in their life and share an obsession over the same book named 'An Imperial Affliction' which was written by a fictional author. The bond they share becomes the key part of the book. They wish to travel Amsterdam in search of Peter Van Houten who was admired by both of them where they later discover that their life is not easy with or without cancer and sometimes impulsive choices can change your life forever. They remind you that a heart-wrenching love story can also be full of positivity without with no chances of a ‘fairy-tale’ ending.


After all, the book might be sad but the way the author words are often breathtaking and some parts of the novel are perfectly structured and the smallest details are turned into moments that last in our hearts forever. It also shows how some people need a change in their life and to live and overcome their biggest enemy. The Fault in Our Stars makes you look at the world from a different perspective, not a good or a bad one but just a different one. It is a sad but beautifully tragic story that is put out in a very simple yet in a very intelligent way.




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