The Search For Happiness

Growing from a happy carefree childhood to manhood, you begin to think; What am I seeking here on earth? How did I come to be here? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? How will I get there? You are walking on this earth the arduous and perilous journey of life; your boat of life is on a voyage that is not without great storms and tempests. What will be the end? What awaits you beyond? Suppose you are a clerk in a government office. Every morning you sit down at your table and go through the files and handle red tape. You go home tired every evening. This routine is repeated every day. Where does it all end? If you are a worker, you stand every morning beside the rumbling, creaking machine and every evening you wash the oil and coal-dust from your body.


Every day you repeat the same work. Where does it all end? If you are a mother, every morning you are the first to rise and you have no rest until late at night because of the children and your husband and the thousand and one worries of a home. But where does it all end? These are tormenting questions. No philosophical systems, no art or literature, or any person in this world can give you a satisfactory answer to them. The only satisfactory answers you can expect will come from your faith in God; Man, you came from God and you have to return to God. your immortal soul was given by God to your earthly body; and after a few years of honorable, earnest, and conscientious earthly life, your soul will again go home and return to the hands of Him who created it. Man has failed to find happiness in the irreligiousness of unbelief. It is so because no force can alter his soul or his human nature. Those who like to avoid God and think of eternity fare badly. Their minds become empty and desolate and their hearts a complete void.


They try to suppress their doubts by work, amusement, and the pleasures of this world. The little bird getting out of its nest has no rest until it returns to its nest. The flower that is forcibly turned away from the sun will turn back to the sun as soon as it is released. For our souls, God is the sun’s ray. Take a fish out of the sea; If you release it, it will throw itself back again. For our souls, God is the eternal ocean. True and lasting happiness comes only to the man who has faith in God. The Mahabharata says that people who live in this world and are free from attachments and fear succeed in obtaining happiness, but those who are attached to worldly objects meet with destruction. Worms and ants like men are engaged in the acquisition of food and are seen to die in the search. They who are freed from attachments are happy, while those who are attached to worldly objects meet with destruction.




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